1. Who can I speak to regarding orders/sales/enquires and accounts?

Bruce Curnick can be contacted for Sales/Orders/Enquiries                 083 298-7934

Jenny Rein can be contacted for Sales/Orders/Enquiries/Accounts                 082 854-4602

General Office Tel Number             (011) 609-9866

General Office Fax Number             (011) 609-3356

2.How do deliveries work?

Strongcor Industrial Packaging has the ability to deliver within the Gauteng area. We aim to get all deliveries done within 24 hours of the order being received. We are in a position to be flexible with regards deliveries and can therefore plan deliveries to meet customer’s needs. Please make clear your expectations/requirements when making an enquiry or placing an order. Deliveries within the Gauteng area are generally not charged for but you will be notified of all costs when you make your enquiry.

3. What is your returns policy?

At Strongcor Industrial Packaging we are more than happy to accept all returns on standard stock items, provided that the goods are not damaged and are returned in the condition in which they were sold i.e. original packaging is not damaged. For all non-standard items, we will be happy to accept returns where stock is damaged due to our fault or where the product is not of an acceptable quality. The returns need to be made within a 7 days period of receiving the stock.


4. My order has not been received, what is the solution?

If there is a problem with the receipt of your order, please contact Bruce or Jenny on the numbers below promptly. The only reason you should not have received your order on time and when agreed is because the order has not reached our desks. Bruce Curnick 083 298-7934 Jenny Rein 082-854-4602.

5. As a new customer, can I open a 30-day account immediately?

Strongcor Industrial Packaging is insured through Credit Guarantee. We therefore do all credit checks on potential customers through this organisation. The level of credit which is afforded to you will be determined externally by Credit Guarantee, but as the owners of Strongcor Industrial Packaging we are happy to open new accounts with those who have good credit references with immediate effect.

6.Are you able to source products for customers that are not standard stock packaging items?         

At Strongcor Industrial Packaging we believe that all business is good business. We are happy to source products on your behalf to ensure that you get the best pricing for that product possible. Any enquiry is welcome. If we are unable to source a product for you, we will point you in the right direction.

7. If I am based out of South Africa, or in a remote part of South Africa can I order from you?

Strongcor Industrial Packaging is prepared to deliver goods to customers in any area. At present we only have the ability to deliver within Gauteng. We are however able to delivery country and continent wide, but we would need to include freight costs or you as the customer would need to arrange collection of the goods.

8. Am I able to get a sample made up before ordering products?

In most cases a sample can be manufactured for the client’s approval. We always prefer to quote and then produce a sample, so that we know our customer is happy with quality and price before goods are manufactured and delivered.

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