Board/Corrugated Products:


• Corrugated Board

Commonly known as SKF Board, is smooth on one side and has a corrugated finish on the other. They are sold per roll and are held in stock at all times. 


• Stock Boxes

Stock boxes are available in single walled or double walled boxes. Double walled boxes are recommended for the packaging of items that are heavier in weight. Single walled boxes are held in stock from a stock 1 box {Size: 145 (l) x 93 (w) x 100 (h)}, through to stock 7 box{450 (l) x 450 (w) x 500 (h)}. Double walled boxes are held in stock from a stock 3, through to stock 7.


• Die Cut/Specialty Boxes

We are able to supply you a range of die cut and specialty boxes to suit your needs. We are also able to supply boxes with logos and printing as per your requirements.


• Pallet Sheets

These are commonly used by companies as a protective layer between one pallet and the product loaded on the next pallet, when they are stacked on top of each other. We are able to supply these at very competitive prices. 


• Mandini Paper

Brown paper supplied on rolls. Commonly used for wrapping of products. 


• Edge Protectors

Corner protectors made from board. These are placed on the corners of products or pallets to protect the corners from damage when the product is being moved. The edge protectors also help to stabalise the load. They are available in sizes to suit the product. 


• Pizza Boxes 

We stock five standard size pizza boxes. Stock is readily available. 


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